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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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stadium in santa clara, could be the site of the college national championship game. it is friday, february 27. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> friday. >> yay. >> my usual little ode to friday. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 4:30. out the door, traffic and weather. a little bit of rain in our forecast. >> just a widely scattered light rain shower in the forecast today. enough to wet your windshield. that's about it. but we have better chances of rain tomorrow. as you were thinking. i looked at my computer completely crashed. so imagine this! [ laughter ] >> oh, no. >> imagine this. we have anywhere from mostly to partly cloudy skies out the door. we currently have temperatures in the 50s very mild. highs today into the 60s. and again, just a widely scattered shower. i'm going to kick and reboot the computer. >> if you have seen her high heels, that's going to be a good boot. >> i saw the black screen and said, what's roberta going to
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do? [ laughter ] on the approach to the bay bridge, the right lanes a few delays but it's actually the essex street on-ramp to eastbound 80 so trying to get on to the bay bridge from san francisco, there is an accident there plus we have the usual overnight roadwork in san leandro. so tell you all about your very early-morning drive coming up. >> happy friday! er with learning more about the shooting -- we are learning more about the deadly shooting a robbery suspect by police. a man last night chased someone on folsom street. two plainclothes officers in the area responded. they found the man holding a kitchen knife. the police chief says the officer told the man to drop it. >> the officers are only allowed to fire in defense of themselves or others. they thought that situation was in play. witnesses heard between four and six rounds.
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we found six casings. >> the suspect died at the scene. police say he was trying to steal the victim's bike. that person was not injured. san francisco's police are defending an officer caught on video using his baton during a confrontation with a homeless man. the public defender's office released the video yesterday from a muni bus on february 11 that shows the officer trying to remove the man, who was asleep on the bus when it reached the end of the line. things got heated when the man threatened the officer. both got off and as you can see, the officer hit the man on the back of the legs with the baton. >> he continues to tell the officer he is going to beat his behind which is a crime. you can hear the officer continue to say get on the ground, get on the ground, get on the ground. there's no compliance by the suspect. >> the police officer says the public defender -- the police chief says the public defender released the video to have the
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client's case tried in the media. >> police officers should be trained to deescalate situations, not to turn violent and lose his temper. >> the trial of the homeless man begins a week from today. two men are under arrest. the chp helicopter lifted one of the men in the area yesterday. other man was pulled to safety with ropes. park rangers say the men were caught vandalizing nearby military bunkers. when rangers confronted them they ran down the cliff and got stuck. >> everyone is safe and even the suspects ar safe. >> the suspects were placed in handcuffs after they were rescued. park rangers said they stepped up patrols in the area since it is seeing a lot of vandalism recently. 4:33. she can forecast the weather and she can fix a computer too! [ laughter ] >> you bet. it feels like a monday when your computer goes down like that. it's reliving that nightmare
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that you have occasionally what do i do if my computer is completely -- >> did you kick it? >> i was gentle. you have to talk sweetly to it. our hi-def doppler radar at this particular time there's nothing on the tv screen so let's get to your current conditions under a partly to mostly cloudy sky right now. temperature-wise, we are sitting in the 50s. 40s in livermore. there you go. forecast high temperature today coming down from yesterday. we had 74 degrees across many locations yesterday unseasonably mild. temperatures where they should to be there are time of the year. 60 in pacifica, 62 morgan hill. if we see any smattering of showers it will be light and brief. temperatures into the 60s in the tri-valley. the most notable feature of the day will be the very gusty winds from the north bay all the way into the peninsula east of the bay, as well. those northwest winds will kick up to 30 miles per hour at
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times. 58 degrees in cloverdale today in the low 60s in saint helena. here's your kpix 5 seven-day forecast beginning with today. precipitation on saturday less than .2" of rain another champs rain on monday. good morning. let's go hit the roads. we have one more official workday to go. 880 everything is okay right now near the oakland coliseum. it's a little farther towards, let's see, southbound 880 that 29th avenue on-ramp. there is an accident there -- actually it's the off-ramp, it's partially blocked with an accident there. sorry. come into oakland. a live look at the bay bridge the toll plaza. looks like the delays have cleared out in the cash lanes. the essex street on-ramp to eastbound 80 trying to get out
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of san francisco onto the bay bridge blocked with the crash. all those accidents happened before 4 a.m. so it looks okay in the commute direction though coming into the city. and the san mateo bridge is very late so far. "kcbs traffic" reporting no delays between hayward and foster city. we haven't spotted the zipper truck yet but that doesn't mean he is not out there somewhere. so you can see right now traffic is moving okay out of sausalito. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. bird strike forcing a medical helicopter to make an emergency landing. this was in vacaville. the pilot brought it down safely last night in a field. the four people on board were not injured. faa says the chopper was headed to san francisco when the pilot felt a sudden vibration. the truck driver involved in a crash with a commuter train in southern california is out of jail this morning. 54-year-old jose sanchez ramirez was released from custody last night. prosecutors say there isn't enough evidence to bring
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charges. investigators believe sanchez ramirez made a wrong turn on to the tracks early tuesday morning then abandoned his pickup truck before it was hit by the train. for the second time this month, a bart passenger may have exposed fellow riders to the measles. san mateo county health officials say the infected person rode bart last friday from the millbrae station to the civic center station in san francisco around 4:30 in the afternoon. now, doctors say the risk of catching measles on a train is very low but still, people need to be aware and watch for symptoms especially those who are not vaccinated. the city of berkeley reports a person with measles had dinner at a local restaurant. the adult ate at [ non-english language ] on college avenue last friday between 6:45 and 8 p.m. health officials say at the time, the person did not have symptoms and was not aware of the infection. medicalfor more on measles,
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check it out at a hercules man is accused of molesting the girl at a daycare for years. the 52-year-old was arrested wednesday outside the daycare on paradise drive in hercules. police say he was dating the daycare supervisor and would assault the girl while she was gone. it took the victim who is now 13 three years to get the courage to tell someone what happened. sheriff's detectives say a woman allegedly held as a sex slave in santa rosa tried to cope with two months of torture and so her story has changed. one man allegedly raped the woman while two others took turns keeping watch. the woman first said she was taken at gunpoint and held for three weeks. now it's not clear how she was captured and detectives say she was held since the holidays. >> very likely that she simply, um, did whatever she could to accommodate her circumstances and make sense of it in her own head. >> three suspects are due in
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court later today. the department of homeland security will partially shut down tonight unless congress comes to an agreement on funding the agency. as cbs news' susan mcginnis reports, the showdown comes days after the arrest of three terror suspects in the u.s. reporter: with a midnight deadline looming, the house is set to vote today on a measure to fund the department of homeland security. >> we have been you're correct six weeks leaving the department of homeland security twisting in the wind. we have done that as -- [ commotion ] >> reporter: the day before the deadline hit, tensions were so high on the house floor, one lawmaker resorted to name calling. >> we did our part and i yield back. >> yield back. >> you coward. >> without objection. >> reporter: the two sides reached a stalemate over republican efforts to block president obama's executive actions on immigration as part of the deal to fund homeland security. after weeks of bickering, house republicans agreed to vote on a
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short-term measure that would fund the agency for less than a month and leave congress facing the issue again in the spring. if the two sides can't agree, some 30,000 homeland security employees would be furloughed, essential workers like tsa agents would have to work without pay. >> anytime you ask people to come to work without pay even though they may eventually get paid, and they miss a paycheck or two, that creates ainge silent within their families. >> reporter: johnson says failure to fund the department would also put the country at risk. it comes as authorities thwarted alleged plans of two new york city residents to join isis in syria and attack the u.s. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> a third new york resident was charged with helping the two men. meanwhile, the senate plans to take up its own vote this morning. the measure would finance the department through september and does not address the president's immigration orders. it is 4:40 on this friday morning. that long drive down i-5 could
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soon be just a memory. how the hyperloop project is moving ahead with plans to zip people to l.a. in under an hour. >> and what is cool about your school? email your nominations to we may come and feature your school on the show.
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we now the ride name. man in the videos. the executioner in five beheading videos is mohammed emwazi a 27-year-old college graduate from london. british and american investigators knew his identity for months but did not release it as they traced the links to other isis figures. he became a recruiting tool for the militants. >> he is a big figure for fab boys and fan girls. >> he tried to join another group in africa in 2009.
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he was stopped and sent to amsterdam for questioning and then back to london. later he disappeared from his family's home in 2012 and turned up in syria with isis. a new video from isis depicts another act that's provoking outrage. it shows "islamic state" militants ransacking a museum in iraq. they toppled priceless ancient artifacts calling them idols that must be removed. it is 4:44 on this friday. the computer is fixed, and the weather is going to get sprinkly. >> that's a really great way to refer to it sprinkly. and widely scattered at best. nothing organized. not like a front passing through the bay area. but we do have increasing cloud cover. i really believe the most notable feature with this dry cold front that will be passing through the bay area happens to be the very windy conditions. heading out the door right now we have a westerly wind. this is our hi-def doppler radar picking up absolutely nothing on the screen. looking out towards the bay
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bridge we have anywhere from clear skies in san francisco right now to mostly cloudy conditions in the santa rosa area. we also have clear conditions in san jose. calm winds in livermore. current air temperatures standing in the 40s and 50s not quite as chilly as it's been the past 48 hours when we wake up and head out the door due to the increasing cloud cover. we have clear skies. we'll become mostly cloudy, and we'll see the rain returning to the bay area as early as, well, we want to say today with a smattering of light rain showers but more likely tomorrow. here's your satellite-radar picking up just minuscule amounts of precipitation across the northern western section of the state of california. here's a wide look at the pacific satellite-radar. what we can expect is again some light scattered showers. i wouldn't bank on any kind of totals as far as accumulation is concerned.
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closer to saturday, maybe a better grip on this precipitation. here's our futurecast. as we walk you through the day, cloud cover increases. approaching saturday morning a little morning organized precipitation but it's off the coast. through the day, your best chances of getting wet will be pretty much between lunch hour and 6:00 in the afternoon. high pressure quickly fills in on sunday providing us with lots of sunshine for the second half of your weekend. meanwhile today's temperatures coming down and these are actually where they should be for this time of the year. in the low to mid-60s. as we take an extended look at your forecast, again today, mostly cloudy. it will be windy with a northwest wind up to 30 miles per hour continuing throughout the evening hours. on saturday, we have mostly cloudy skies. a widely scattered shower. any kind of accumulation will be generally less than .2." we have your sunshine for sunday. and then a chance of rain returning on monday. we have this great brand-new
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program we're launching right here at kpix 5. if you want to track weather with me then join our weather watchers program. just visit you tell me if you have a thermometer, if you have any kind of weather equipment at all. submit me your picture and i'll show you picture and your stats right here on our morning news on channel 5. out the door, it's gusty across span into san francisco. but the wind advisory is canceled. things are improving on that front. a few delays in the cash lanes on the bay bridge. they are still working that accident on the on-ramp to eastbound 80 right there at essex trying to get out of san francisco. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. you notice some flashing lights right there from a truck. they are actually doing some
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roadwork on the eastbound side of the span between foster city boulevard and clawiter coming into hayward. so that may be caltrans crews out there. it's not causing a delay either direction. both directions 14 minutes between 880 and 101. we haven't seen our zipper crews so far this morning. everything is moving along okay. we're waiting for them. you can see this is the southbound traffic coming out of sausalito. no delay. we put up a drive time of 14 minutes between san rafael and the golden gate bridge toll plaza northbound looks fine from doyle drive. highway 4 the commute has not begun yet out of antioch. looks okay there. if you are driving around san francisco later this evening, you should know that critical mass, this is -- this is the last friday of the month, so critical mass 5:30 p.m. over at justin herman plaza. we don't know the route. so could cause some traffic tie- ups. mass transit is so far on time. back to you. >> all right.
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thank you, elizabeth. elon musk is a man who thinks big with companies like spacex and palo alto-based tesla. and as joe vazquez reports, another highly anticipated project is now a step closer to happening. >> reporter: no, they're not exactly doing construction along the golden gate bridge. this artist's rendition is still years away. but the hyperloop now appears one step closer to reality. if you haven't heard, the hyperloop is a capsule inside a tube that, in theory, could take people from san francisco to l.a. at 800 miles per hour in only half-hour. starting next year, that theory will turn into groundbreaking in way valley kings county on i- 5. a developer committed his land toward the project a five- mile loop to take visitors through a planned entertainment district. i talked to the ceo of the company and he says this is basically a test track, a slower one. >> you have, um, very short track so it doesn't make sense
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to go as fast. you still want to have a pleasant ride. we are probably going to be able to accelerate up to 200 miles an hour. >> reporter: waive valley plans to build next year when the construction on the hyperloop begins, as well. >> the first phase is supposed to be finished by 2018 and we expect to have passengers. >> reporter: the company plans to go public this year. they hope to raise about $100 million. money they will use to build a prototype as they still need to prove that this technology even works. in the newsroom, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> so would you try it? >> you know, i probably would. >> breaking the sound barrier, do you need to wear a suit, will we need the bullet train? >> 200 engineers from around the world are working on the
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project. >> it is 4:50 now. levi's stadium site of next year's super bowl may also host the biggest football game at the college level. the 49ers are reportedly going to bid to host the ncaa championship for a game to be played in 2018, 2019 or 2020. santa clara will have to beat out any other city that puts in a bid as well but it's new and pretty good shot. the decision is expected to be made sometime in the fall. san francisco-based "airbnb" is in the running to address a shortage of hotel rooms for the 2016 olympics. the online home rental marketplace is one of three firms being considered. rio de janeiro is scrambling to accommodate visiting fans and athletes next summer. if "airbnb" is chosen it would be the first time a major sporting event has turned to the general public to gain access to extra rooms. 4:51 on this friday morning. only stumps remain where majestic redwoods used to grow. who cut them down and the big
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good morning. you're watching "kpix 5 morning news." look at your tv screen. temperatures averaging four degrees above normal in oakland. mostly cloudy skies, a sprinkle here and there. but the big feature in sunnyvale northwest winds up to 30 miles per hour. windy east of the bay as well with those 30-mile-per-hour winds in danville at 61 degrees. north at the golden gate bridge. good morning stinson beach at 60 degrees. average high pretty close to normal in santa rosa at 64. and a little bit of light rain today in cloverdale at 58 degrees. have a great day! we are just hearing about what sounds like some major problems going on right now in
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hayward. if you are traveling southbound 880, just south of the camera near tennyson they have three lanes blocked due to a big rig crash. we are getting details from chp right now the. we'll have them for you, "kcbs traffic" just a few minutes away. new this morning, the chief of u.s. intelligence says the cyber threat from russia is more severe than previously thought. chief james clapper said he couldn't go into detail in his annual assessment yesterday but russia, china, iran and north korea were listed as the top cyber threats. u.s. intelligence considers cyber attacks as the top danger to u.s. national security even ahead of terrorism. a major fcc ruling will make it easier for you to surf the internet. the fcc voted yesterday in favor of tough rules on internet providers. it basically regulates internet service like a public utility. so broadband providers like comcast or verizon can't give faster internet to companies willing to pay for it. much of the industry opposes
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the regulations so we'll likely see lawsuits from this. a plan to protect the san francisco bay could soon be under way. bills aimed at restoring the bay were introduced to congress yesterday. the goal here is to improve the water quality, create wetlands and restore wildlife habitats in the bay. lawmakers would also partner with environmental protection agencies to help develop a priority list for restoration projects. a man who cut down around 40 redwoods in the sierra foothills may have to pay big time for that decision. the property includes many businesses in penn valley. the owner says he kept waiting for nevada county to tell him whether he could chop down the trees. he got tired of waiting and had them removed. the property owner says he was just trying to help out the area, but the county isn't buying it. >> clearly pointed out to him that he had an existing landscape maintenance plan, um, that he was obligated to
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upkeep. that includes maintaining the mature trees. >> you can actually see the buildings versus it being a jungle where you couldn't see them. >> the property owner says he asked the tree expert for advice. and now the county is considering everything from criminal charges to a lawsuit. police shoot and kill a man in san francisco. co
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san francisco police shot and killed a man who was trying to rob a bike from another man last night in the mission. police say the suspect was armed with a knife. >> six weeks leaving the department of homeland security twisting in the wind. >> funding for the department of homeland security will run out at midnight if congress can't reach a deal. yesterday house republicans
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agreed to push forward a short- term plan to pass the bill so congress could have to do it again in a few weeks. >> supporters of net neutrality held a party last night in san francisco to celebrate a landmar decision providing equal access for everyone on the internet. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. happy friday. it is 5:00 now. a robbery suspect who police say was wielding a large knife in san francisco's mission district is now dead after officers shot him. kpix 5's anne makovec is at san francisco hall of justice with the latest details. anne. >> reporter: police say they had no choice but to shoot this man. they have been interviewing witnesses about this all night long. the trouble started at about a quarter to 1


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